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In the latest release of Skop.es we are shipping several new and significant features, the ones that I believe will have the greatest impact are those that help users and partners understand and visualize systems. Here is why.

To all but 0.5% of the population ‘systems’ / applications / software etc are somewhere between a dark art and a pandoras box. Those associated with them good and bad (post sales and pre-sales people roughly speaking) speak a strange language that seems to morph and change as project unfold.

There is very little in the supplier / vendor engagement process that is fixed in stone, and to make things worse each vendor describes what their systems capability differently.

Then, when the wheels fall off, it ends up being the clients fault because they ‘misunderstood’, or ‘got confused’, or.. well believed the sales people. There needs to be a better way, and Skop.es provides one option.

What are visualisations good for?

This bit is not rocket science. Visualistions are awesome for conveying complex information in an intuitive way. They rely on the brains innate ability to comprehend more via our primary sense – sight.

If you (as is the standard current approach) need to read reams of text that describes system functions for each and every system in your prospective system list, there is little to no chance that you will remember each and every item and be able to make decisions based on this knowledge.

Present this comparative information in a visual was though and it’s childs play to spot gaps and shortfalls.

What visualistions does Skop.es support?


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Size to represent popularity

Size to represent savings

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