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At the core of the Skop.es process and technology is the concept of “Requirements Management” as a way of governing System Implementation projects.

We believe that a strong focus on, and rigorous process around requirements gathering and management is key to a successful (efficient, low risk etc) system implementation. However, we also do not want to over state the case for requirements management, or suggest that it is the only activity that needs attention during the project set up stage.

To be clear: Scoping and managing project delivery based on functional requirements is important – but…

  1. It is by no means the only required activity if a successful project is to be run
  2. Neither is it the only way you could manage the process of selection of vendors – particularly if you are seeking a vendor that provides consultative services as a ‘wrapper’ around their technology
  3. It is appropriate for many types and sizes of projects but plays a different role in different circumstances
  4. It should be confused with higher level activities that might be labelled as more strategic

Therefore we have crafted a paper on the potential (and arguably common) miss-uses of Functional Requirements and more widely Requirements Management.

You can download it here.

Happy reading – Im sure you will agree it is a roller coaster read – at least hope that it helps make your next SI project less of a roller coaster ride…