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Col & Rec Tech – brave early adopters

I have written a few updates recently about the small and growing community that surrounds the Skopes application and team. A (new / ambitious / innovative etc) business and platform like Skopes can not and does not come about as the efforts of one person.

The Skopes platform has evolved over time from an original concept, through proof of concept stages and customer testing and feedback reviews, and with valuable input from many many people.

The one person that has enabled and participated most is Col @ Rec Tech Solutions. Around a year ago Col and I met in an anonymous Melbourne hotel, to talk about Skopes and how it might play a role in his young business (Rec Tech Solutions – are providers of independent technology advice to the recruitment industry).

This conversation went on to become a valuable partnership to both of our companies. Rec Tech operate the first live version of Skopes which they are using as a back bone process to guide the process of selection and adoption of recruitment  technologies on behalf of their clients.

If you have been involved with genuinely new technologies, or are a really seriously early adopter of consumer tech, you will know that this experience can be something of a ‘mixed bag’. Results may vary, things can fall over and frustrations can occur…. to put it nicely.

Suffice to say the early days of proper commercial use of Skopes have had ups and downs, and all of the while Col and his team have kept focused on the big picture (a genuine industry first that can/will dramatically improve how we buy and sell software, and potentially halve project failure rates).

Col has also pushed us to improve and add to our product set, for example driving hope the importance of a more detailed process and the creation of empirical scoring and matching mechanisms. These have been challenging tasks for sure (Col clearly borrowed the Steve Jobs reality distortion field) but they have also added much needed rigger to otherwise flexible/fungible/imprecise activities – and in doing so have improved the Skopes platform considerably.

Col has been an unshakable advocate of Skopes, even when it has ‘under performed’, I hope because, like me he sees the potential of its application. Possibly it is because he is just a nice and loyal guy – either way is good by me!

Thanks Col, when our partnership is improving the (recruitment) world for everyone and you were the trail-blazer, riches and fame will undoubtedly be your just reward.