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onathan Windsor and I recently attended the ProcureTECH conference in support of our new partnership with PASA (Procurement and Supply Australia), somewhat unexpectedly it turned out to be a very worthwhile event for us and Skopes.

Our initial expectation was only that we attend as part of the launch of the partnership and to kick start the background research and awareness raising that are required for the success of the initiative.

However the event turned out to be much more than this.

We had the opportunity to connect with ‘friends of Skopes’ including Russell Yardly and James Leatham. But wait, theres more! We also have started relationships with Church Supplies and WAGLA who both service large communities of organisations that need to select and implement software and systems of a significant nature.

Forming partnerships with groups like these would deliver huge value, efficiencies and increased project success rates. In particular an alliance with Church Supplies would be a step towards social entrepreneurial goals. Church Supplies are a non-profit that provide procurement services to a very large group of other non-profits that themselves require software to operate effectively and efficiently.

Thanks – to Nigel Wardropper for organising and inviting us to the conference, it was a great success for all involved.