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Positioning for vendors/corporate –

The current positioning of Skopes is primarily focused on the problem the tool set addresses and therefore by default the ‘end user’ audience. We are describing the issues concerned with implementation failures and the challenges for those seeking to implement a new system. However, given that our current route to market is via channel partners (who offer services to end users) we are expecting prospective channel partners to ‘join the dots’ and understand how they can use the tool set to their own benefit (efficient and improved problem solving for their clients).

To join the dots more explicitly we are moving to / experimenting with the positioning of “requirements management” as a primary message rather than leading with project failure rates. In part I suspect that at a subconscious level project leaders and consultants involved with projects believe that their projects perform much better than they actually do, so talking failure rates may not resonate as well as a less controversial message about a key task in the overall project process.

We have purchased – and will likely drop as one manifestation of this new positioning. The name also aligns us nicely with other products like

Aside: Thanks to Jason Westland (founder and CEO of for his input on this matter and several others.

The positioning also opens opportunities to create assets and publish on a relatively niche topic, a lower cost awareness raising and promotional approach.

Note: There a couple of tool sets in the market place that address requirements management (that we are currently aware of), one from HPE and one within the Sparx tool sets – both are enterprise systems and neither come pre-packaged with the common system feature lists that Skopes does.