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Announcing Skopes Version 1.8.0 – Requirements Management

Executive summary

Considerable development effort has gone into v1.8 for Skopes, however much of the focus has been on back office elements of Skopes. These include, server side optimisation, super-admin configuration improvements, and a code base clean up and re-structure, which do not lead to obvious additional (front end) capabilities of Skopes.

Requirements Management

However several important updates are included in this release, principally support for additional system implementation lifecycle stages (configuration and system testing). Skopes now has the capability to handle Requirements Management from initiation to project close.

This new functionality significantly increases the value and usefulness of Skopes for both Channel Partners and End Users

Key ‘front end’ enhancements

Performance improvements / optimisations

  • Database fixes – additional data stored and improved dB schema (e.g. pre-calculated metrics)
  • Performance improvements (interfaces more efficient and utilising pre-calculated data instead of calculating on the fly)
  • Improved granularity of data capture (and use)
  • Move of all data storage into dB avoiding use of session related variables / file storage

New features

  • Support for system configuration through interfaces that detail config requirements and track progress with config (Requirements Management)
  • Support for User testing support through interfaces that detail testing checklists (and expected config) and track progress with user testing (Requirements Management)
  • Management tracking of configuration status / progress and testing status / progress (Requirements Management)
  • Ability to order features and functions as an alternative to displaying in the order initially entered
  • New doc slots – business cases, functionality check lists and more – note these will still need to be configured for each instance of Skopes (branding etc)
  • Comparison chart features extended (improved interactivity and options) and improved performance

The full rundown of fixes, improvements and few features can be found here.