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James Leathem – Procurement and Marketplace guru

Over the last year or more James has played a key role on our board of advisers, generously bringing his hard fought wisdom on SaaS style procurement and market place platforms. This is a niche and specialist area, one in which there are very few experts, so having his ear and interest has been a huge help.

Finding, taking and actioning good advice, I have come to appreciate, is something of a skill or art in and of itself, but people like James make it simple, he ‘gets it/us’ immediately and can add huge value in a very short period of time.

Like me, you may have come across advisers that talk a lot but seem to be saying nothing of any real substance. I find this incredibly frustrating and time consuming as I usually try to dig and unearth the truth or value in what they are saying… but it turns out that it was all a string of truisms, generalities and buzzwords.

In this context advisers such as James (and Neville Christie) are a breath of fresh air, they never fail to provide insight, and simultaneously test and advance my thinking.

Which is a long way of saying Thank You!

If you are looking for a procurement panel platform – make sure Vendor Panel is on your list with James at the helm it can not help but be an awesome product.