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Maximising Returns & Minimising Risks

When procuring & implementing IT Systems

Visual, Objectives Focused, Quantified,

Collaborative & Data Driven.

50% to 75% of projects do not achieve their Objectives.

Studies indicate a primary cause of failure is weak governance and a lack of focus / data on Objectives.

In an increasingly data focused business environment, setting, validating, measuring and tracking, project Objectives remains challenging. supports a data driven driven approach to Objectives Setting, Scope Definition, Verifying Objectives Attainability, System Selection, Implementation Oversight, Adoption Programs & Benefits (Objectives) Realisation.

Projects are complicated

Significant, multi stakeholder, team based projects, that run over months or even years almost invariably lose focus on their original objectives. Everything tends toward entropy.

No Quantification or Data

Objectives and deliverables are rarely quantified, so it is uncertain what impact a project will have, and if deliverables can realistically attain the desired outcomes.

Completion ≠ outcomes

Completed deliverables do not attain objectives, they create platforms for attainment. Tools must be fit for purpose adopted and utilised before business outcomes can be attained.

Objectives are forgotten

People (and knowledge) leave the team, priorities change, new information comes to light, sh!t happens. Objectives get lost or forgotten, so often not achieved.

No realisation plan

Failure to clearly plan objectives / benefits realisation activities, puts the project success at risk, e.g. if the required realisation actions can not    (or will not) be undertaken.

No objectives tracking

Buried in the project, focus is predominantly on deliverables and progress, not objectives attainment. Another reason projects often go off track.

Solution:  Live, data driven, quantified projects drives achievement of business objectives

  • Orients projects toward objectives as the foundation, or “why” of a project
  • Quantifies value & impact of deliverables based on their contribution to objectives
  • Verifies if objectives are realistic based on a deliverable set or scope of work
  • Live tracking of progress towards attainment of objectives / benefits realisation
  • Live tasking of impact on outcomes of de-scoped or challenged deliverables
  • Automates time consuming key project activities through systematisation

Supporting the whole IT value chain

A consistent focus on objectives benefits everyone facilitates quantification of objectives (financial and non-financial benefits), and tethers objectives to detailed project deliverables. This way progress towards objectives and benefits realisation can be tracked and measured.

For Enterprise & PMOs

Mandate enterprise wide objectives, define a consistent approach and compare key project portfolio metrics. Gather data on performance and understand impact of scope changes.
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Project Managers & Leaders

Project leaders are supported by an objectives focused and data driven toolset. automates tasks like reporting and relates all project activities back to objectives.
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For IT Experts

Subject matter experts can use to capture valuable data, house and leverage knowledge and create passive revenue.
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System / Tech Companies

Better engage and understand prospects needs, help them establish RoI and quantify benefits. creates efficiencies and helps clients realise benefits.
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For Consulting Firms

Drive better outcomes for clients, create project efficiencies, enhance collaboration, engage prospects more successfully, capture valuable intelligence at every stage.
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Peak Bodies & Media Groups

Create new revenue streams and simultaneously support constituents with digital transformation projects and market intelligence.
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